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Our Approach

The Developmental Framework

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Development is constant, but not all domains (e.g., eating behavior, physical development, self-regulation, cognition, social relationships) develop in synchrony across childhood. In order to achieve our vision — driving discovery to end childhood obesity — we need to understand:

Applying a Developmental Framework

Implementing interventions and policies during sensitive developmental periods can have greater impact in reducing early obesity. The Momentum Center utilizes a developmental framework by:

How will a developmental framework help to ensure research has a direct impact on programs and policies?

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Embracing a developmental framework to inform intervention requires expertise across disciplines and working with multiple sectors that have the potential to influence development.  Center researchers are national and international leaders in their respective fields, bringing not only their individual and collective successes in research on child obesity, but also “built-in” collaborations with local, regional, national, and international agencies and collaborators. Through these partnerships with practitioners, policymakers, and advocates, Momentum provides a unique platform for a dynamic dialogue that informs our collective efforts to change child obesity funding, programs, and policies.