Momentum Center | Driving Discovery to End Childhood Obesity

See below for a list of publications from Momentum Center members: 


Advances in Motivational Interviewing for Pediatric Obesity: Results of the Brief Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Body Mass Index Trial and Future Directions. Momentum Center member: Ken Resnicow

Maternal encouragement and discouragement: Differences by food type and child weight status. Appetite. Momentum Center members: Alison Miller and Julie Lumeng

The placemat protocol: Measuring preschoolers’ healthy-meal schemas with pretend meals. Momentum Center member: Kristen Harrison

The relationship between “food addiction” and visceral adiposity in young females. Momentum Center member: Ashley Gearhardt

Helpful or harmful? Prospective association between weight misperception and weight gain among overweight and obese adolescents and young adults. Momentum Center member: Kendrin Sonneville

Social/Electronic Media Use of Children and Adolescents Who Attend the Pediatric Weight Management Programs of the COMPASS Network. Momentum Center member: Susan Woolford

Higher weight status of only and last-born children. Maternal feeding and child eating behaviors as underlying processes among 4-8 year olds. Momentum Center members: Julie Lumeng, Karen Peterson, Ana Baylin, Alison Miller

Mealtime behavior among siblings and body mass index of 4-8 year olds: a videotaped observational study. Momentum Center members: Alison Miller, Karen Peterson, Ana Baylin, Julie Lumeng

Elementary school students’ self-determination in physical education and attitudes toward physical activity. Momentum Center member: Weiyun Chen

College expectations in high school mitigate weight gain over early adulthood: Findings from a national study of American youth. Momentum Center member: Natalie Colabianchi

Improving self-regulation for obesity prevention in Head Start: A randomized controlled trial. Momentum Center Members: Julie Lumeng, Alison Miller and Karen Peterson