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Student Summer Internship Program

The Momentum Center Student Summer Internship program provides summer stipend support for students to pursue research interests related to childhood obesity.

Below you will find a list of awarded projects by year.

For more information on the funding opportunity, please go here.



Adolescent Stress: A Predictor of Disordered Eating Behavior
Tiwaloluwa Ajibewa, MS
PhD Student, Movement Science
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Hasson

Mealtime Matters
Lauren Herty
MPH Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Kate Bauer

Weight Status Moderates Stress-Eating Associations in Children
Hurley Riley III
MPH Candidate, Health Behavior & Health Education
Mentor: Dr. Alison Miller


Developmental Programming of Early Life Adiposity by Postnatal High Fat Diet and the Potential for Maternal Metformin Exposure to Improve Offspring Metabolic Outcomes
Zachary Carlson
Undergraduate, Biochemistry
Mentor: Dr. Brigid Gregg

Associations Between Maternal Carbohydrate Intake During Pregnancy and Child Adiposity and Metabolic Risk in Adolescence
Molly Carter
MS Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Mentors: Dr. Wei Perng and Dr. Dave Bridges

The Use of Neuroimaging in Understanding Childhood Obesity (Project Media and ABC Brains)
Ruby Siada
Undergraduate, Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Ashley Gearhardt


Parental Restrictive Feeding Behaviors and Adolescent Food-Related Self-Regulation
Caroline Bartholomew
Undergraduate, Psychology
Mentors:  Dr. Ashley Gearhardt and Dr. Megan Pesch

Exploring Adolescents’ Use of Social Media and Technology-Based Self-Monitoring for Weight Management
Samantha Hahn
PhD Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Mentor:  Dr. Katherine Bauer

Motor Skill Competence: A Potential Confounder of Self-Regulation and Obesity Risk in Young Children
Cecilia Bala
Undergraduate, LSA
Mentor: Dr. Leah Robinson

Correlations Between Cheek Cell Fatty Acids and Dietary Fatty Acid Intake Among School-Aged children
Dongqing Wang
MPH Candidate, Epidemiology
Mentor: Dr. Ana Baylin


Disordered Eating, Weight Bias, and Message Credibility in Young Adults Who Watch “The Biggest Loser”
Kelley Borton
MPH Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Kendrin Sonneville

Cultural Influences on Healthy Behaviors in African American Youth
John Spooney
MS Candidate, Kinesiology
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Hasson

Epigenetic Evaluation of Prenatal High Fat Diet Exposure in Childhood Obesity
Carly McCabe
MS Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Dana Dolinoy


Creation of Interactive Data Visualizations to Illustrate the Burden and Epidemiology of Childhood Obesity
Jianqi Chen
MS Candidate, School of Information
Mentor: Dr. Joyce Lee

Epigenetics Assay Optimization for Studies Investigating Childhood Obesity
Joseph Kochmanski
PhD Candidate, Environmental Health Sciences
Dr. Dana Dolinoy