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Below is a list of U-M courses that may be helpful for students who are interested in learning more about childhood obesity and/or preparing for a career in childhood obesity research. If you find any additional relevant courses to add to this list, please feel free to contact Ashley Garrity at


School of Public Health

Nutrition in the Life Cycle (NUTR 510)

Maternal & Child Nutrition (NUTR 540)

Evolutionary Nutrition: Implications for Human Health (NUTR 610)

Eating Disorders Prevention & Treatment (NUTR 621)

Weight Bias & Health (NUTR 622)

Controversial Topics In The Role of Nutrition On Chronic Disease (NUTR 626)

Evaluation of Global Nutrition Programs (NUTR 633)

Pathophysiology of Obesity (NUTR 639)

Socio-Ecological Approaches to Child & Adolescent Nutrition (NUTR 650)

Physical Activity & Nutrition (NUTR 651)

Physical Growth & Maturation (NUTR 677)

Child Health & Development (HBEHED 634)

US Food Policy and Public Health (HMP 617)

Environmental Epigenetics And Public Health (EHS 660)

Nutritional Epidemiology (EPID 707)

Obesity: From Cells to Society (PUBHLTH 403)


School of Kinesiology

Exercise, Nutrition, and Weight Control (AES 241)

Environmental and Policy Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity (AES 416)

Physical Activity and Pediatric Disabilities (AES 425)

The Role of Social Factors in Shaping Physical Activity Behaviors (AES 446)

Physical Activity Across the Lifespan (AES 451)

Exercise and Nutrition (MOVESCI 444)

Physical Activity Epidemiology (MOVESCI 471)



Interdisciplinary Topics in Applied Liberal Arts – Section 001: Obesity: The Science, Culture, and Politics of Fatness in America (ALA 264)

Interdisciplinary Topics in Applied Liberal Arts – Section 002: Much Depends on Dinner (ALA 264)

Anthropology of Food (ANTHRCUL 254)

Food, Energy, and Environmental Justice (ENVIRON 101)

Sustainability and Health (ENVIRON 308)


Public Policy

Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health (PUBPOL 210)

Topics: Child and Family Policy (PUBPOL 475)


Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Health by Design (ARCH 509)

Sustainable Systems (ARCH 515)

Healthy Cities: Planning and Design (URP 552)