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Pilot Funding

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The 2017 funding cycle has closed and will re-open in late in 2018.

Momentum Center members are welcome to apply for the Pilot and Feasibility Program. Funding up to $25,000 can be requested. To see a list of previously awarded projects, go here.


Application Materials

Momentum Center P&F Application Cover Sheet 2017

Momentum Center Pilot and Feasibility RFP Spring 2017

Momentum Center P&F Scoring Summary 2017

Momentum Center Interim Progress Report Template


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a grant?

The 2017 funding cycle has closed and will re-open in Spring 2018.

Who will review the proposals?

Applicants will identify three reviewers and additional reviewers will be identified by the Momentum Center’s Steering Committee as needed.

What criteria are used to review applications?

Key criteria to be evaluated include:

  1. Significance to the Momentum Center’s vision and mission
  2. Innovative use of proposed funds
  3. Clearly identified project goals, activities and deliverables
  4. Qualifications of project team
  5. Proposed next steps
  6. Appropriateness of budget for proposed project

Proposals that include teams who have not previously collaborated on externally funded research will be given priority consideration during the review process.

What kind of projects have been awarded in the past?

Please see go here to see a list of awarded projects.

How long will each project last?

Each investigator is expected to complete the project within one year of the date funds are made available.

How much funding is awarded with this program?

Funding can be requested in increments of $5,000, up to a maximum of $25,000, and is granted for a period of one year.

How are the funds disbursed?

Pilot and feasibility funds are transferred to the recipient’s department or service unit for disbursement and use.

What are the reporting requirements for a funded proposal?

If funded, a brief interim progress report form is required at 6 months and a final report is required at 12 months. See the interim progress report template here. Awardees will also be asked for a brief update at 1 year post award.

The due date for the interim report will be no later than the first day of the seventh month after the project begins.

The final report will be due no later than one month after the last day of the project year.

For example, the interim progress report for a project that starts on October 1st would be due by April 1st, and the final report would be due no later than October 30th.

What other requirements are associated with the grants?


What is required for a complete application?

The components of the application are described in detail here.

Is IRB approval needed to submit a proposal?

No. If an awardee will be conducting a project that requires regulatory oversight by one of the university’s Institutional Review Boards (IRB), an application to the appropriate IRB must be approved before funding is released.

What expenses are allowable for funding?

What expenses are not allowable for funding?

Do I need to promote the Momentum Center after receiving an award? 
Yes! Awardees are expected to display the Momentum Center logo in any materials produced with a Momentum Center grant and all forms of communication regarding your grant, including newspapers, Web sites, posters, presentations, e-mails, announcements, etc.